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Who We Are

Shalines Departmental Store is a one stop online and onsite Departmental Store operated by the Company; Torris de Shalines Ltd with Trade Name - Shalines.com and is dedicated to delivering direct to the doorsteps of her Esteemed Clients; the Elite, on a same-day basis and at prices lower than the open market off a wide variety of high quality brands of supermarket goods all in the state of the art Wood/Glass supermarket structure never seen before in Africa.

Shalines Departmental Store is designed to make shopping fun for the Elite as we provide you a convenient platform for online and onsite shopping. Our access to products from top brands, Original Equipment Manufacturers and premium Suppliers gives us a wide range of products at very low prices.

Place your orders via the web or mobile platform Shalines.com or simply call us +23417100611  OR +2348033422473.

What We Do

The Hub

Our Online Hub has various Catalogues which include Cosmetics, Baby Products, Food Cupboard, Fresh and Frozen Food, Cleaning Agents, Books, Drinks, Beverages & Alcohol, Medicines, Household Items, Beauty & Toiletries, Local & Foreign Condiments, Wholly Nigerian, Fashion, Gadgets & Electronics etc.

Shop de Classical

At Shalines Departmental Store we offer credit shopping to structured organizations allowing for shop now and pay month end*, real time on time tracking of your orders, we provide you an amazing 2-6 hours delivery all across the Island, Lagos*, Blogs on Health & Fitness, special requests are also available such as “blend my vegetables”, “cut/wash my fish” * etc. Ordering via our recipe catalogue, decide when and where you want your orders delivered to you (multiple delivery destinations from a single order)*.

Our Guaranty

Enjoy hassle free, fun, easier and faster online or onsite shopping experience with Shalines Departmental Store. We assure you will get the best of lifestyle shopping online or onsite today with Shalines Departmental Store.